Mission of LEDLUM

LEDLUM aims to develop a highly integrated cost competitive light engine technology platform for Solid State Lighting (SSL) connected directly to the electrical power grid. For the first time LEDLUM proposes to develop an integrated system level solution for realising a highly miniaturised, efficient light engine. LEDLUM will strengthen Europe’s lighting business with advanced technology and is expected to create around 1,000 new highly educated jobs.


The majority of SSL systems is using high brightness light emitting diodes (LED) as the light source. The light engine, being part of the lighting system contains a LED module as well as a driver, which is usually rather bulky and expensive and suffer from short lifetime.
Presently, the need for bully, expensive and discrete power electronics circuits to drive the light engine is a bottleneck limiting their application space.
LEDLUM proposes to address these bottlenecks in miniaturisation and integration for the different components of the driver electronics, including power switching technology, control, passive components and system integration with the light engine. This innovative solution will significantly expand the scope and opportunity for smart and highly integrated light engines including automotive, wearables, etc. where size and increased functionalities are key requirements.